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This is a list of All of our Website Features. Working with an Internet Service Provider can be beneficial. We’re not a “virtual” ISP, which means that we’re real people, located in a real city, in a real buidling. I’m not sure about other hosting providers, but I can tell you with confidence that we can help you reach your goals.

The Healy device for FSM
Stronger Relationships

Improve Internal & External Communication

Your website’s goal should be to integrate communication with your prospect, building trust along the way, ultimately resulting in a sale of either product or membership.

Intergrating your website with Social Media and Email marketing is essential. Our websites point to your Social Media presence and facilitate email communication.

Two Websites for One Price

Your marketing opportunities with our Funnel Website aren’t just limited to marketing your products and the business opportunity.

When you subscribe to a Marketing Funnel Website, you also get access to this website,, branded to you. This allows you to market the Funnel Website to your downline or anyone else for that matter and collect a commission for every new customer you refer to LLC (

Collect Actionable Data

Each time a visitor accesses your website, data is collected. This data allows you to analyze who is visiting your site, how long they stayed, from whence they came, how were they referred, and much more. You can use Google Analytics and install a WordPress plugin, or you can access our server’s log files using our AWSTATS program for extremely detailed reports.

Healy Marketing Websites

A Website You Can Trust

Responsive, concise, and factual

An Internet Service Provider You Can Trust LLC has been a full service ISP since 1995. As a family owned business, one of their primary goals is providing you, their customer, with top quality service and support.

Niche Content

“Funnel Templates” are focused somewhat on a niche that you have experience with. This allows you to relate to and address your prospect’s needs.

Modern Responsive Design

Websites are “responsive,” which means they automatically adjust size and presentation whether the visitor to your site is using a browser, a tablet, or a phone.


Each template is written in English, but we are happy to provide translations to new customers using WordPress translation tools.


Selected content about frequencies, cell voltage, and more help state the scientific basis for the device and associated software applications.

Our Website Content Identifies You

Each template contains information about products and software applications. Links to Healy GMBH’s website and promotional materials are anchored to your Healy Partner ID.

Funnel Website

The goal of our funnel website is to generate a contact, not to sell Healy products. Sales come after you have connected with your prospect and earned their trust.

The Business Opportunity

The Business Opportunity is part of every template, but not the main part. You may receive partner commissions from Healy GMBH for retail sales as well as downline signups. Referrals to are also eligible for Earthclick Affiliate Commissions  and are completely unrelated to your participation as a Healy GMBH partner).


A Funnel website shouldn’t be dozens of pages or take two hours to wade through.  Our funnel templates are concise and to-the-point on purpose.

Earthclick Support

“When all else fails, we’re here to support our customers. We can customize your template, help you swap out your template to target another niche, or just give you generalized guidance.”

Important Notice: LLC (“Earthclick”) is an Oregon-based Internet Service provider, specializing in website design and hosting. Healy GMBH is not affiliated with Earthclick and is not responsible for the contents of this website, it’s website designs, nor the operation of its Internet Service business.

Healy GMBH partners are responsible for compliance approval of any contracted website, regardless of its development history. Your compliance request is located in the “backoffice.”

“Expect change. Analyze the landscape. Take the opportunities. Stop being the chess piece; become the player. It’s your move.”

- Tony Robbins

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