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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with my template?

We register (or transfer) your domain name, setup your website, setup your associated email (if requested), install your requested template, and answer any questions you might have starting out. We also assign you an “Earthclick.net affiliate ID”, which allows you to use this website to market Earthclick services, including the Healy Funnel Website, for a commission.

How can I make changes to my website?

Healy World USA is quite specific about this — you cannot make changes to your website template. Instead, request changes and/or additions through Earthclick.net, who will them determine if (1) the change is appropriate for all templates, in which case the change will be free, and (2) the change will be submitted to Healy World USA compliance for approval. Healy World USA’s determination is final.

How can I promote my websites?

Your website should be an integral part of your online marketing efforts.

  • Link your website to your other social media sites (linkedin, facebook. parlor, twitter, pinterest, etc.),
  • Link your social media back to your website.
  • Post your Healy Funnel Website in non-Healy groups on Facebook
  • Post your Earthclick.net “https://wellness.earthclick.net/?aff=9999” website in Healy groups on Facebook
  • Include your Healy Funnel Website website address in your Healy email signature.
  • Participate in “health” forums, and always include your website address in your forum signature
  • Give advice freely
So, I get two websites for the price of one?

Sort of. The Healy Funnel Website is yours, identified by your specific information. The Earthclick “https://wellness.earthclick.net” website is 99% branded to you when you access it using your Earthclick affiliate ID.

How can I change my contact information or name?

Your name, email address, profile picture, telephone number, and bio (description) are all part of your “User Profile”. You can access your User Profile from the “Edit Profile” link on your website after your sign in, or from the WordPress dashboard. Click on “Users”, then hover User #2 (customer-admin - that’s you) and click “Edit.” Make your changes, then click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

How long is my contract with you?

All services are technically month-to-month, but we provide a large discount if you pay annually. If you’ve paid an annual fee and cancel before the year is up, we prorate fees paid as if you had been on month-to-month, including any setup fees (setup fees are one-time and only apply for the first year’s service). For example, suppose you sign up for the annual Healy Funnel Website ($200), but quit after 6 months. We charge a $40 setup fee and $20/month for a monthly site, so your usage would be $40 + $20 x 6 = $160, so you would get a $40 refund. Cancellation anytime after the first year would not include a setup fee. We also don’t prorate by day, only by month, and any usage for part of a month would mean usage for the entire month.

If I quit, can I take my website with me?

You own the license to your domain name, so you can move it anywhere you please without penalty. Your website content is a different matter, though. We use premium tools to build and maintain the website (the Divi theme, testimonials, modal/popups, and so on). After six (6) months, you would have to pay a transfer fee of $50 plus a recurring annual fee of $30 to keep the proprietary tools registered to your site. For 6 months or earlier, you cannot transfer the website template.

How can I get started?
  1. Click the appropriate plan above (Monthly or Annual) and find you 
    Click the “Ready to Get Started” link at the bottom of this page, select a plan (Monthly or Annual), select your domain name.
  2. Sign up at https://earthclick.net. It’s really that simple.
Explain WordPress please

WordPress is one of the most popular website development platforms. It consists of “core” software plus numerous “plugins.” Plugins are software modules that add new capabilities to WordPress. For example, the Rank Math SEO plugin adds SEO capability, the Contact Form 7 plugin adds some Contact form capabilities, and so on.

I see "Divi" here and there -- what's that?

Divi is premium software that adds a “theme” and additional software to the site to manage the site’s appearance and functionality. Besides the Divi theme, we also use a number of software plugins to extend the capabilities of the website, such as the Divi Testimonials Extended plugin (for testimonials) and the Divi Overlays plugin, which provide “popup” capabiliteis for some of our themes.

What if I need help?

Email your request to support@earthclick.net and we’ll answer your questions as best we can. If you need detailed support, assistance with the DIY aspects of your site (e.g. SEO), or customizations to your template,we charge $75/hr.

How do I pick a domain name?

You need to find an available domain name before you can order your template. Do this in one of two ways: access our ordering tool and enter names “trial and error,” or visit https://oregoninternet-shopco.com for help identifying available domain names that use your desired keywords — this website actually is ours, and it’s safe to use keywords to help identify available domain names.

Can I use "Healy" in my domain name?

Unless your name is “Healy”, you probably shouldn’t use “Healy” in your domain name. Companies are protective of their registered trademarks, and are usually very proactive about protecting them. If you use “Healy” in your domain name, you are likely treading on their trademark and may be forced to abandon it sometime in the future.

What's SEO and why should I care?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” and yes, you should care. People use search engines to find sites with specific content, and you will want them to find your website if they search for the keywords that are important to your niche.

Are there SEO tools that can help?

Yes, there are SEO tools that can help. We recommend two WordPress plugins: Rank Math (free) and Yoast SEO (free or premium). You can work through implementing either plugin on your website yourself or contract with us (or someone else) to do it for you. All the information you need is at the plugin authors respective websites. Rank Math is already installed (but not activated) on your site, and Yoast SEO is easy to download and install from https://yoast.com.

Can I put a "Chat" icon on my site?

Yes. Your template ships with a plugin for “tawk.to”, a popular (and free) chat service. Simply set up a new account and property at https://tawk.to, activate the plugin, and connect it to the property, and you’re good to go. Just remember - you have to actually login to https://tawk.to to be able answer chat requests.

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