Template Overview

We currently have 5 primary layouts, 4 are general Healy funnel pages, and 1 is a Healy Practitioner template. There are several variations of our general Wellness layout, a Sports Recovery template, a Holistic template, an abbreviated template, and the Practitioner template. We commit to adding a new template each month. You can switch templates if your niche/focus changes. You can also edit and modify your website, either by contracting with us or DIY.

Healy Marketing Websites

Important Notice: Earthclick.net LLC (“Earthclick”) is an Oregon-based Internet Service provider, specializing in website design and hosting. Healy GMBH is not affiliated with Earthclick and is not responsible for the contents of this website, it’s website designs, nor the operation of its Internet Service business.

Healy GMBH partners are responsible for compliance approval of any contracted website, regardless of its development history. Your compliance request is located in the HealyWorld.net “backoffice.”

General Template Contents

Each template has the following features:

  • “One page” funnel - most information is on one page, presented top to bottom
  • Fully Responsive (desktop, notepad, phone)
  • A “Hero” section — the top part of the page which contains the SEO focus keywords
    The Top Image can be changed quite easily
  • Summary of Individual Benefits (Fitness, Beauty, Pain, Stress, etc.)
  • Brief introduction to Frequency Specific Microcurrent
  • “Healthy Cells, Healthy Bodies” — an explanation from the Healy World website about how frequencies and cells interact
  • Product Summary (The Healy, The Healy Watch, Program Applications)
  • A “Shop Now” link unique to your Partner ID for purchase of product(s) from Healy.
  • Statistics on Use, Recommendation
  • Information about the Business Opportunity
  • A “Contact Me” form, as well as several points of contact (email)
  • Testimonials, which can be added to by you without modifying the template
  • An “About Me” section

“Wellness Templates”

This is our general “wellness” template. It isn’t focused on any particular niche, but has specific information about The Healy products, Frequencies, and Pain Management.

  1. General Wellness Template 1 : the simplest template
  2. General Wellness Template 2 : a variation on Template 1
  3. General Wellness Template 3 : focus on “stress”
  4. General Wellness Template 4 : slightly abbreviated (less to read)
  5. General Wellness Template 4a: variation on Template 4
Wellness Template

“Sports Recovery”

The Sports Recovery template focuses specifically on Frequency Microcurrent and benefits of the Healy to recovering from stress, exertion, and pain that accompanies participation in sports. This template has these additional components:

  • Prominent testimonial fromĀ KIM PITTIS
  • A sports-related “Hero Section”, including verbiage and graphic image

“Healy Holistic Health”

If your focus is specifically holistic, you should consider this template. The template features muted colors and a simple flow from top to bottom. In addition to the standard template contents, this template features:

  • A prominent “About Me” section, which personalizes your website
  • Slightly different organization and presentation from the other templates
Healy Holistic Health

“Healy Practitioner”

The Healy Practitioner templates focus specifically on your Healy business as a Consultant and Trainer. This design style could also be a starting point for a full-blown website.

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